My 3-Part Strategy To Double Revenue For ANY Startup

"These are the same strategies I've used to build 5 companies and generate over $200M in revenue since 2001. I'll tell you what they are and exactly how to apply them, so you can grow your revenue faster too." 

- Mitchell Harper (5x founder, startup advisor & investor)

"I teach this same strategy to my private clients and the results are always the same - rapid growth with less stress." - Mitchell Harper

Watch this free video immediately. You'll learn:

  • How to identify your perfect customer and find MORE
  • How to hire "A-players" - the top 5% of available candidates
  • How to tell a compelling brand story that lets you raise prices
  • The #1 reason most startups can't generate a profit
  • What to do when revenue growth stalls
  • A case study on luxury brands and how they market so well
  • Layout principles
  • Sketch 3
  • A/B testing

About Mitchell Harper

Mitch has founded or co-founded 5 companies which have generated over $200M in sales. His videos and essays on startups, growth, marketing, psychology and hiring have been seen by over 10,000,000 people and his private email list for founders has more than 500,000 subscribers. You can follow him on TwitterFacebookYoutube and Medium.

Testimonial 1

Mitchell Harper5x Founder, Startup Advisor & Angel Investor

“I really loved how easy they made all this stuff sound. My mind was blown by this book.”

Testimonial 2

- Adriene Canyon, Designer Fashionista

“Before reading this book I really didn’t get what conversion was all about. Now I know the science behind it.”

Testimonial 3

- Andy Elm, Internet Thought Leader